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Wow....... First I want to compliment you on your ingenuity, and determination.......I know of many people that would have ditched the project after the first ups........... That said I would like to add a few observations. Generally speaking.....Unless you have sharp 90 deg. can make the fabric mold nicely with a little persuasion. There is nothing wrong with vacuum bagging....But I usually end up spending more time in prep....and cosmetic fixing after wards.... So I usually saves this method for the twisted crazy pieces. What you have here does not warrant vacuum bagging. It does how ever require several fermented malt and hops beverages to keep the temperament in check and to be able to see clearly through the tunnel staring at the light making sure it`s not a freight train.. The thin glass mat you used is not very cooperative. many will tell you it is because of it`s thin weaving.... and some of that is correct in theory......But what they don`t tell you is that it does not stretch well as a fabric in whole. So as you see it.... it will lay down very good in one direction....But as soon as you begin to mess with the next corner....It`l yank and pull like mad in the areas your`ve already layed down. You would notice this a lot if you would compare a similar thick piece of plain weave Carbon fiber..... It`l conform much better.... Twill weave....even better.
Also if you have issues wait to lay the first piece of cloth down until the resin is tacky.... Use it like flypaper to hold it in place.... You will be surprised to as how effective that is. Bad thing..... One layer at a time.
The polyurethane foam is a kick to work, and see the mix expand..... But requires a lot of post work with fillers and re-do`s...... As long as you are using epoxy.....try to use this.....

Enough for many projects....and you can just "melt away" the remaining foam with acetone.... Then you just sand the piece to your liking before layup. The resin has a hard time with grapping the polyurethane foam as well.....whereas it`l grap the above foam nicely. Just a side note..... Not all epoxy`s are equal.... Some are better than others.......Not just in strength....but workability....transparency...etc. Remember to give the pieces a uv clear coat protection, before they get bombarded by the sun.
After seeing your project being a few days old.... I have no doubt that you will succeed in making exactly what you want. Very nice....

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