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When I first returned to riding last year (after a 15 year no-bike phase), my 12yo son would hop on for short rides with me. Doing errands and just cruising around. His 13yo brother would just wave me off...

Then at some point, the younger one wouldn't ride either. I pestered them both -- "What's the problem?" Turns out their too-cool-for-middle-school friends told them that the back seat on a motorcycle is for girls only. The "bitch seat."

Bums me out because I had some camping trips in mind for the summer. I've started getting the older one interested only because I have offered to ride up into the Sierras with his downhill skateboard strapped on the Pelican case. He can do some long downhill runs with me filming him with the GoPro on my front fender. This kinda stuff...

Momma started doing her worry-routine over the idea of motorcycling, so I reminded her how she packs them up in the SUV every weekend and lets them out at the top of steep mountain roads where they bomb down weaving in and out of traffic with plastic cereal bowls on their heads.

I did recently buy them full face BMX helmets and they are now wearing those on the skate runs.
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