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There's too much hearsay and second hand smoke clouding the air on these BMW pre-70 technical items.

Precisely the reason for starting this thread. I've spent 1000's of hours sifting through the hoohaa, and reading everyone's comments regarding this and that, and have come to realize that there are truly only about 7 people on the planet that really know what they are talking about. Craig Vechorik is one of 'em.
I am not. But I'm hoping to cut through some of the hoopla, to make it easier for the 4th hand owner, such as myself, to easier understand and appreciate these bikes.
I welcome, all the input and knowledge that the participants in this thread have to offer. I stand corrected most of the time, but I put myself in that position on purpose, to jumpstart a conversation that might never have happened, or to clear up some deep dark mystery, that's as plain as the nose on your face.
I'm glad to know that it is possible to freshen up the front drum on my bike. Perhaps Craig misunderstood my question. Maybe the right question wasn't asked. But I'd thought long and hard about it.
It seemed like an eternity the other day as I whiteknuckled that bike to a safe stop around the codger trying to kill me. I had plenty of time to contemplate the feeble friction coefficient, to wonder how much better the brake would be, if the drum and shoe were in tip top shape. Heck , I even had time to regret owning a motorcycle with such a primitive braking system, at the very instant that I could've REALLY used 4 discs and ABS...I'd just replaced the front brake cable, and was very happy about that!
So I thought I'd mention my experience on my own thread, maybe try to clarify some thoughts and recommendations on how to cope with /2 brakes in a modern driving situation. Heck, if I'd asked that question over on Yahoo/ 2, I'm sure I would have gotten some crusty old fart to call me an idiot, if I'd gotten an answer at all....
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