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I've been trying to sell my 1976 Honda MT250, then I got the bright idea to use the money to fund more motorcycle fun. What type of fun? Well why not take the money and blow it on doing the TAT??? It won't fund the entire trip, but it'll help. Only seems right to sell a motorcycle and use the money for something motorcycle related...right??? Here's a picture of the fund raiser....

It's not my intention to use this thread to sell it as I'll have better luck selling it at the end of the driveway here at home. SO WISH ME LUCK IN A QUICK SELL. Hopefully this won't take long, but I can't even think about leaving until finishing up a class I'm taking at the community college. Presently barely employed in the construction field, hence going back to school to change profession.Getting to old for manual labor. After this semester, I'll have three more classes to take before having the chance to be accepted into the Surgical Tech program. Unfortunately those classes can't be taken all at once and must be taken sequentially.

Usually one doesn't have enough time to do something like this, due to to much work. Well currently that's not the case, hence seeking to reinvent myself through furthering my education. I have money saved up to weather the economic storm until finishing the program. Selling the bike and having some extra time on my hands, the opportunity is banging on the door. I don't see a better time to do this than now, plus a great time to get away from the typical crap that goes on being self employed in the construction field.

If I sell the bike soon, I'll leave mid or end of June from Jellico TN and go all the way to Colorado or until I run out of the Honda money. No plans to go past Colorado as it will be to early to clear the passes.

The steed for the trip will be my 1984 R80 G/S, which is well sorted out with a barley broken in 109,000 miles. Check the link below for bike info. Quick lowdown on the bike refirb since acquiring- rebuilt tranny, valve/rings/rod bearings, enduralast, R100 front end, HPN tank, HT hard bags, swing arm/wheel/headset bearings. Extra Heidenua K60 tires to take along as the current ones are more than half gone. Might be shot by May.

I plan on cooking for breakfast and dinner and camping 75% or more, to keep cost down. My concern is being able to find free camp sites along the way. Any advice for this???

Stay tuned for further updates

BTW- been getting lots of calls on the bike, but most people expect a sorted out $300 dollar bike. Spoke w/ a guy today which seemed very interested, but only serious when money changes hands!!! Seemed serious about another look on Friday or Saturday...
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