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Hi Erling-

Thanks for posting. I've read all your composite threads and found them to be very helpful.

Understand exactly what you're saying about the materials I was using. What would you suggest using for making plugs and molds for parts like these?

I was laying-up the fiberglass before the resin got tacky at first because I was afraid about working time - thought it might start to dry/harden before I was finished. Have had that problem with bondo and found it to be very frustrating. But quickly realized that this isn't much of a problem with the materials I'm using, and things started going a lot better once I figured that out. Think the biggest mistake I've made so far though has been not cutting all my materials ahead of time. Was wasting a lot of time and making an awful mess cutting materials on-the-fly.

Have a bunch of that insulating foam here (but it's the white EPS stuff) in different thicknesses, but seemed like it would have been a major pain in the arse to try and cut those pieces to fit the handlebars and handguards. Am sure that will be really useful for other projects though.
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