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So I made it to Pit 2 at milee 177 on Rogelio's bike, this bike made me more tired riding it on the street, the hardest seat I ever sat on, tons of torque but no speed, and worst of all no kick stand, I don't how guys out there ride these bikes, I am glad I tried it once so I wouldn't want one, I wonder about the WR though, is it the same thing?? if so I'll stick to the 650s for now.
The guys at the pit were having fun, beer Pizza, etc. I sat and waited, bikes and quads pass by and every waiting minute feels like an hour.
I lost track of time when I lost my tel on Zoo road heading to the pit, I pulled it out to see the time when I saw the trophy trucks crossing Zoo Road, I knew it cannot be 10 o'clock yet, I couldn't see the clock on the phone while riding and it was the last time I saw it.
After 2.5-3 hours of waiting I asked weatherman to relay 297x location, it came back at mile 167, so he should be here shortly, get ready Kay, I 'm ready but suddenly I felt dizzy and weak, must be hungry, ate a slice of Pizza and that did it.
Rogelio arrived, he didn't look good, but he was in one piece and the bike is running, great news. Fueled the bike quick and I had a homemade mirror specially prepared for the occasion was installed at the pit too, I broke many many mirrors here in Baja and knew any mirror I will use, would break too, so I made this one of a small car add on mirror, 1 inch diameter and screwd it a peice of metal, bend it to go with the hand gaurd and drilled holes for it, tried it and it worked great, then I took it off and sent it with pit 2 crew, it was only gonna be used for the Trophy trucks, there was no point of having it installed from the beginning since I knew it was gonna break anyway. I head out knowing there are 4 TTs only few minutes back racing each other. Again I didn't prerun this part and bit me in the ass.
From 177 to mile 210 was some of the worst terrain I ever been on. I remember riding this part last year and it wasn't that bad.
I went through what seems endless rocks, some times looked like boulders, couple of times I had to get of the bike, pick it up to pass a blockage, I was not prepared for this mentally and for the slow going less than 5 mph which took a toll on my strength, I got to the point where my hands and legs were giving up, once I pick up some speed, more than 20 mph, it was ok, but less than that, it was very painful, I heard the helicopter coming few minutes after I left, looked in the mirror and sure enough I saw a TT filling up the mirror, looked back and it was around 500 ft away, it was great to know the mirror is working, pulled to the side and let them go, no one behind the, I am on my way again, when I was passing one of these bad areas I heard a TT coming, out of curiosity I stopped to see how the hell they go through that staff, it was realy more of an excuse to take a break, at this point my legs were cramping. The TT go through that staff slow, but they don't hesitate to push big rocks around if they cannot go above, they also back up and go with different angle if they didn't get it right the first time.
Kept going counting the miles and thinking to myself, you are too old for that Kay, at this point I knew I am doing bad progress and have no chance of getting in a good position, so I just concentrated on finishing which at this point became doubtful too, talking fitness, when I was at the pit, I heard on the radio of 2 other racers who called it quit just because they are tired, 1 was at mile 51 and the other was down south, he got lost and found him self on the road near Puertocitos, Score told him its ok, he can continue as long as he enters the course where he left it, but later he just gave up.
The mirror worked great and was really priceless tool with all the TT behind, until mile 200, where it broke.
The bike was starting to loose some power but was still running at 85-90% efficiency due to dirty air filter.
Anyhow, I just kept going, slow but wasn't stopping for nothing anymore, came the last few miles and by far its the best part of the whole race, long straight stretch, I had it wide open which maybe put at 75 mph, but the thousands of people cheering right and left of the track is the best thing in the whole world, it was just amazing, I passed a bike few miles before the finish and cought up with another and passed him on the air at the finish line jump, I wish I can find a pic of this, at this point I was full of energy as if I just had my coffee in the morning, I got to the pavement turned right pulled the best wheelie I ever did, braked hard by the flag man, Marsha, Eric and Andreas were there at the finish line, it was so nice to see them and that was it, I am done, I laid down on the grass for few minutes and head home on the bike, I stopped at the garage to drop the bike and pick up my car, at this point I was thinking its gonna be at least a month before I get on a bike again. The pit crews were waiting at the garage wondering what happened, I got of the bike and I just fell to the ground with extreme pain in my legs, I couldn't stand up again, my both legs were cramped frozen and very painful, Dick and Gregg pulled me up and helped me to get on a seat, had a lot of water, electro lights to drink, it helped a lot, later we went out for dinner and the next day we went to the Ceremony down town.
Thank you all for reading so far. Here are some more pics.

I forgot to mention that after Rogelio finished his stage at mile 177, he was so tired to the point he could not ride his bike on the street to the finish line, instead he put it in the back of a truck, here he is after the race.

And that is me with Sal Fish, I consider him a friend, I came with him to San Felipe 2 years ago as a volunteer on the race waiving a stop sign, and end up fulfilling a life time dream.

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