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I'm a little late on this thread, Just for more info, I did a TimeSert repair on my '92 GS this past year. Upper left stud pulled and I found out it was due to a poor Helicoil repair by the PO. I repaired using the regular TimeSert vs the BigSert. I felt like I had good threads when I tapped it out for the TimeSert. I cleaned the hole out well and used high temp red loctite on install. When I had it all snugged down the timesert did clear the oil hole mostly, I used a die grinder to improve the access, but only slightly.

That picture of Bills shows the install well, if you note that the insert does block a bit of the hole, thats where I opened it up a bit. Before startup I did do the covers off/check for oil test and it was flowing well, we will see how it goes this year, if it ever stops snowing here.
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