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Bear Island was great, but all the closed gates were aggravating...WARNING: Goofiness dead ahead.

OH YEAH? I'm gonna stick it to the man and collapse this gate...(the inspiration for this moment of photgraphic mischief brought to you by Rivka)

Alas, It didn't work. Probably has something to do with the fact that I'm 170lbs soaking wet in all that gear....

Oh well. ONWARD....

A crane

That same crane spooked by the bikes....

Jack got bored and decided to do a headstand:

We did some more riding, and came upon some dirt mounds dumped in the middle of the road by maintenance crews as fill dirt...I decided to see if the KLR would fly. It didn't fly, per se, but I conducted a bit of a physics/anti-gravity experiment...The second time I went over, I was going at a more enthusiastic pace. I had left my tank bag open for quick access to the camera and forgot about it...As the bike and I came down over the far side of the mound, I find, much to my chagrin My Springfield XD, my amber shooting glasses (I use them for night riding, too), and my camera all at eye level, as opposed to being in the tank bag where they belong. Needless to say, the camera and the XD wound up in the dirt & got a good cleaning that night when I got home

So, we collect all my dropped gear, and head on down the road, only to find this:

My attitude promptly goes down hill, appropriately expressed by this small notation on Jack's license plate:

Txt msg with Dan right after he was paralyzed:
Me: Hey Dan-O. Just wanted to say howdy and Love ya!
Dan: Howdy and Love you too. Doin' good and feeling good.
Me: Give 'em hell, little Bro!
Dan: Roger that.

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