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Originally Posted by afrazier View Post
Ok Andy, I took the bait and I bought 2 units, one for myself and my wife (so we could finally "cut" the cords) from Maxxim Honda in Allen, Texas... I told them I was skeptical and made sure I would have some recourse if it didn't live up to it's claims.
After charging over night, and putting it into my helmet (HJC Symax II - a flip up style) and doing some ground testing only... the audio quality is pretty nice. I can't compare it to anything but what I had previously, which was a chatterbox basic wired unit that works with my Goldwing. The bluetooth pairs fine to my iPhone and I can hear the caller just fine. I can even initiate a call from the UClear unit.
, when I talk, the person on the other end says I either sound like I'm in a hole or it's distorted and mechanical. This is a show stopper for me already and will be taking the unit back unless there's something more I need to do to make this work.

Any ideas Andy???

By the way, my name is "Andy" too.


Andy, I sent you a PM with some tips on how to correct this issue.
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