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Originally Posted by Dorian View Post
IMO the venerable 1200(1300)GS is veering down the wrong path. Should this new info be true BMW is tuning it to a technological standstill. But they can't help it - they're BMW after all - it is what they do. Getting further and further away from what the GS was originally intended to be. I would love to have a new/current 1200GS but instead of continuing refinement of the current air-cooled boxer they seem to be caught up in a techno arms race with the looming competition in the market. Water cooling - okay if you have to. More power? How much does a GS need!?

By the time I can afford a "new" 12(1300)GS - it'll have to be a nice, used, underpowered, air-cooled 2010 model. Which is fine as I'm not keen on the direction BMW is taking the big GS. For now I'm loving my 1100GS more every day! But I'm obviously not the average 50-something male motorcyclist they're aiming at

At any rate, it will be fun to watch how it plays out for the next couple of model years.
Actually no it's not BMW forcing the change; it's emissions standards.
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