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Tradition, tradition

Not sure if anyone had a chance to read the latest edition of the book 'BMW Motorcycles' by Holstrom and Nelson, but you would learn that the first R boxer bike was the R32 introduced in 1923. Of course air cooled and it never changed since on the R boxer engines. I think it was in seventies when BMW wanted to drop them in favor of more modern and efficient K engines and guess what, loyal owners started screaming and the "inefficient" boxers were back and kept getting better.
Most of you for sure remember the HD bringing in 2002 the super modern V-Rod, which is pretty much ignored by the overwhelming majority of HD riders. Guess what would would happen if HD dropped the air cooled engines in favor of modern liquid cooled ....
Same thing with the R boxer engines, people love them the way they are, yes improve whatever can be improved, but do not touch the basic design including the air/oil cooling. Remember my words, if Germans come up with liquid cooling and shim under bucket and other "major improvements" lots of people will start screaming and thing will go back to "normal". Tradition, tradition...
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