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Originally Posted by mcstark View Post
The same thing happened to Porsche in the early 90's. That's when they introduced the water-cooled flat-6. All the purists cringed, but now you have a 3.8 liter non-turbo motor making 450-hp. The old, air-cooled twin turbo motor made the same HP, but it wasn't nearly as efficient or clean.

Progress needs to happen. I do agree that an adventure bike doesn't need 115-hp. My 1150 is plenty fast for me, but more importantly it has the grunt down low to pull like the tractor it is.
It was laughable when people feared the Porsche change. It was as if people didn't believe it was possible to surpass their beloved model. I guess we'd all like to believe that considering the price point for entry.

In terms of outright performance I agree 100 bhp on the street is more than enough but as with the supersports and now it seems the sport-touring and adventure segments, minimal increases in bhp each generation are the minimum requirement.
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