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Originally Posted by darmst6829 View Post
A rod kit is almost $200 alone plus maybe $100 for a machine shop to press the crank apart and reassemble and true it all up. This is the heart of the engine. I am not trying to kill your project but just setting expectations having done several of these things before....

I completly your opinion.

Just having rebuild a Bultaco engine, already all the barings and oil-seals together with the complete seals package are mor then 200 €, and I'am talking about EURO not Doller.

Maybe you get the right parts foor a little less because we have 19% tax on everything.

Then there is the piston, it would be a real miracle to me if the piston is still OK? The problem of the bearings to the rod darmst6829 mentioned did I have too, so I needed also new bearings on both sides as the upper and the lower one where rough. This happen's mostly if the bike / engine is not frequently used.

Beside of the heart of the engine there should also been worn out cluth plates, the Bultaco ones don't last very long and mostly some shims between the gears needs replacement too.

I'am not sure if you have a primary chain drive, if so then you need at least a new chain tensioner, the small wheel mostly have heavy wear marks and is not build for eternity. (The primary chain might also been a little bit streched?).

Look up your cluth operatin mechanism, there you also often have a lot of wear which results in stiff cluth acton.

Anyway the bike is worth the rbuilt, just do it, if it costs more than You thaught in the beginning just remember that later on riding is nearly for free beside the gas, oil and tires.

If You are unsure to spend money, you can also assume that everything that's worth beeing done has to bee done proper.

Proper work does not have any natural enemies beside ourself!
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