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Originally Posted by blaine.hale View Post
Cylinders already been bored, honed and and new piston/rings by the previous owner ;)
Crank shaft should not need touching. The bike was not abused and not ridden much. Dumping so much money into this just is completely unnecessary but I see where you guys get those figures for a "restoration."
I will never, in my life, do a "restoration." I like to make functional rebuilds. If the crankshaft was bent, off center etc...then sure, I'd probably take the measures to remedy that, however, I do not see that being the case at all.
In addition to all that, the clutch plates were replaced and I even have a back up set included in the hand box o' parts.
So Blaine, what exactly did his ding-a-ling friend do to the Bull? Did he get some sort of work order so you can back track his "progress"? Hoping he didn't muck it up too much. Can't wait to see it in person.!
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