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Well, I'm sorry to say that I've taken my units back to Maxxim Honda in Allen, TX - great group of guys to work with.

I have to say, that I probably have not given this a fair shake. But, there were additional issues not previously mentioned... I wear hearing aids. I only mention that because these units when that close to my ears caused my aids to squeal which in turn was fed to my wife through the intercom. The fact that she could hear it and it would bother her ( I don't like it when I squeal either... and hear it) was one big factor in my returning the units.
Other than that, here's a summary of my experience,

I believe that I must've had one defective module since when trying out one unit when connected to my iPhone4 and making a call to my wife (while just in the house), she said she couldn't understand me. I tried adjusting the speaker/mic a little and calling again... not much difference. Then, I tried swapping out the module and it was an instant improvement... except for the fact that she said it did sound like I had my head in a bowl (expected - I use a SYMax II modular) it was very clear and plenty loud. It was at this point that she was able to hear the squeal from my hearing aids. And with it being that close to the mics, that pretty much sealed the fate for the UClear with us.

And so, I returned it. But, I decided to leave this "good" unit on my helmet anyway while making an hour drive so I could try it out at highway speed. I tried making several phone calls by using voice control, it failed to recognize the caller I was trying to reach each time. One time I connected to the wrong caller and they answered... I tried to explain that I had mistakenly called them... they could not hear me well at all, gave up, and hung up. But, I have to say, I could hear them fine even at highway speed.

I want to make one more comment, each time I tried to make a call through voice command, I could hear very clearly my iPhone's response to the person it recognized that I was calling... SO, with that being said, I have to say that audio streaming is probably very good quality.

I wish I could offer more feedback on this unit for you guys. Because, no doubt it's a fair amount of money to put down for something that's new. I will also say this, the Maxxim Honda dealer that I returned my unit to, said that I was the first return and to date, they had sold more than 25 units in the last 30 days or so.

As for what AndyUClear said in the private email, it was just some helpful suggestions to try out in order to improve the performance. He was helpful and willing to go the extra mile to get me fixed up, even providing me with contact info. I understand you skepticism. But, until you actually try the unit out yourself, you ought to lighten up a bit.

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