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Hi Wirewrkr

For VAT read as the duty and sales taxes that USPS might charge you on arrival in the USA.

ACE-2856 + ACE-S11 sensor + shipping is indeed approx $204 US Dollars, however, you are not comparing like with like!

The ACE-2856 is a dash mount plastic case, whereas the ACE-2856AB/AP and the ACE-2853BK are billet alloy and the billet alloy case is an extra $76 which mages a total of $280 + any import duties.

The 81mm dash mount unit has never been advertised officially as far as I know, the factory only had plans for a pod mount unit so I don't know where electrosport got that information.

The only dash mount type are in the 2856 series here in the UK.

Best Regards

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First of all, there is no VAT to America.
Secondly the 2856 with the S11 sensor added up to $192.50 on your website checkout. Plus shipping. Your checkout indicated the shipping would be around $12.00

What ever happened the in 81mm in dash round unit that was being advertised as being available soon? I wanted that one specifically to drop in to a certain vintage German headlight bucket, but never heard any more about it.

It was on Electrosports page when they still handled your products.
That is one of the reasons I have been waiting to order a speedo, besides the fact that the ones offered here in the states don't drop into dashes or buckets, wish is what I need currently for a long term project.
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