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Originally Posted by One Less Harley View Post
I feel for anyone in the construction field, but it seems (at least around here in KY), that a lot of the displaced workers have fallen into home remodeling. Seen more and more re-modelers coming out of the wood work. Then you have the low ball jack of all trades who will do half ass jobs for next to nothing. I'd rather go broke fishing than go broke working for nothing.

Checked your profile...entire life your only 30......(LOL)!!! I'm 45 and my knees won't take to many more years of daily construction work, 22 years of ceramic tile work!!! Bicycling for 25 years is the only thing that has helped, until two years ago. Then even that wasn't helping, arthroscopic surgery helped get me back in the saddle, but there are still issues.

Hard decision going back to school, financially and mentally. Financially, the choice was made for me two years ago, but jobs tricked in enough to tease me. This year my work partner got a good paying job, sucks for me, but good for him. He has a family and kids, I don't.

I've told myself if starting another field it would be in education or health care. There is no way education would be for me, and surgical tech interest me more.

I'm only thirty but I've been working construction since I was fourteen... So that is my whole working life... Started as a hod carrier after school while I was still in middle school. I have been pretending that it still was working since I lost my job as framing forman in Vancouver in '08. Finally came to terms with reallity this last winter.
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