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Alright made some good progress.

Swapped the frames out so I now have a straight frame with title. The previous frame had some fairly extensive damage.

Motor out, these bastards are heavy

I decided to integrate some crash protection as there is no doubt this will take a dirt nap at some point. The stator and clutch covers are pretty vulnerable as evidenced by the old stator cover.

I drilled out the frame for a few bosses. I was trying to find some good material and saw the swingarm bolt from the KTM 950. Chopped it up and bored the frame.

Tacked in place

Bent up the crash bars and welded them together. I was at a buddies rooting through his scrap bin for the plates that attach to the frame. Grabbed a big pice of stainless and was wondering why it wouldn't weld So it's just held in place now.

Worked on getting the subframe figured out. The big unknown is the shock. I have one on the way but don't want to do anything until in hand. I also want to keep the stock airbox and filter. It looks like I can get away with just trimming the airbox slightly and sealing it to clearance the shock. The FZ1 stocker is just for mockup

The battery will rotate 90 degrees and I'll make up an alum box for it.

I originally was going to scrap the subframe. Then I decided there was too much going on back there to get rid of it. After seeing the shock problem and the amount of subframe reinforcements that will be required, I'm ditching the whole thing.

It is 1.125" tubing and it will be replaced with 1.25" tubing with a few key reinforcements to help transfer the loads from the shock back to the main frame.

The fancy plastic box that all the crap mounts to will be replaced by an aluminum version. I want to narrow up the entire subframe substantially. No passenger seat or pegs.
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