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I think the heat shield looks like a good idea. I checked out some suppliers and see different types,attachment processes, and heat reflectig temps.

Which tape should I buy?

Originally Posted by cyborg View Post
After reading keeners caution, I felt the right side tank where the fan blows on it and it was very hot. Now I know that in normal operation with no second fan, hot air off the radiator blows through there also, but maybe the forced hot air will heat up that inside tank surface more than what it would normally get, also heating up the fuel itself a bit more too. I'm not really worried all that much about the issue, but will probably lay in some self-adhesive gold or silver heat shield to the inner tank surface right where the forced air blast hits it, to reduce heat transfer to the tank. That should be enough to take care of it, and won't be externally visible.

I have added extra heat shield to several places on the bike, like on my airbox for example, to reduce engine heat transfer to the incoming air

and right tank already to reduce exhaust pipe heat transfer, so this will just be a bit more.
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