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Originally Posted by Tosh Togo View Post
Whatever you choose to go with, get the "H" speed-rating flavor instead of the "V" variety, and you'll save about $10 up front per tire as well as lose a bit of unsprung weight. My guess is that the lower speed-rating's lighter tire might also be a bit more compliant, but the money difference made the choice for me. I only get about 3.5K miles to each set, and that adds up in a hurry.
Most of the time the major difference between an H and V version of the same tire, is initial tread depth.

The V will have less tread depth in order to somewhat eliminate the tire squirm that causes the heat that causes the tire to fail the "V" test.

Given this, I'd expect the H tire to be heavier, as it has more rubber.

H is, in fact the better buy, as no Airhead needs a V tire.

It's pretty academic in any event.
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