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because I can
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That's what I thought about tire weight too Ikchris.

I wish I could recommend Avon Roadriders. Avon bias ply rubber is much stickier than any other street tire I have used and they last as long or a lot longer than other tires that don't have near the grip. Then they quit making their good tires for our bikes.

The Roadriders make my bike weave badly. Others have reported the same. I have replaced my Roadriders with Avon race tires and the problem is instantly gone and then I can put new Roadriders back on and the problem instantly re-appears. Currently I am running Avon race rubber in front and a Roadrider in back. Just the rear Roadrider brings back quite a bit of the weave but most of it is from the front Roadrider on my bike. I could get the rear Avon race rubber to last 2000 miles versus 3000 or a little more out of most of their street tires. I rarely get more than a bit over 3000 miles out of long wearing rear tires. I am LUCKY to get 1500 miles out of Metzlers and some other brands.
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