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Originally Posted by SQD8R View Post
Same was said when Porsche made the move, are we better or worse off today?

If the appeal of the boxer was how it is cooled perhaps you've really missed the point. I really don't see the issue with continuing the configuration since it is synonymous with BMW and highly successful. Also every type of motor configuration has moved from air to air - oil to air - liquid cooling and retained the same configuration, BMW has just been late to the game. Why should BMW change configurations? Certainly 100 bhp is enough to keep the configuration going and as with the HP2S there is certainly more bhp to be gained.
What other point is there? Low CG? Now we know that low CG isn't good on a bike. Centralized CG is. Are there any others?

Porsche? They were air cooled in a completely different way. Low CG in a car (or hack) IS a good thing!
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