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Originally Posted by Tricky One View Post
I would enjoy doing a long trip with the wife but honestly don't know how both of us would be able to pack all our stuff on the bike. My wife can fill all the bags on a bike by herself, any tips.
Tricky One,

The biggest space hog, as far as our packing is concerned, is camping gear. The tent, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, associated cooking equipment, etc. takes up most of the space. For us, we use light weight camping gear. We had most of this stuff already from backpacking.

As far as how to help downsize your wife's packing, I would suggested weening slowly. Prior to this trip we did other smaller camping and moto/camping trips, where I tried to ease Nikki into the whole "less is more" thing. Us dudes mostly don't care to shower, or if we are in the same clothes for the better part of a week. But, try to tell your wife that she is only allowed 2 pair of underwear for a month long trip - not gonna happen. My suggestion would be to utilize layers. Maybe have multiple clean shirts, underwear, socks, but only 1 pair on pants (they are bulky). We wore overpants, so our regular jeans/pants were always clean (or at least not splattered with dead bugs).

If none of this sounds feasible, then you may need to just get bigger cases on your bike. Remember, you have to pick your battles.

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