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Originally Posted by Ron from BC View Post
Interesting thread GS 6'3 I end up catching a lot of the breeze of my stock 1150GSA screen.

I tried the Touratech model once (the one with the unattractive piece of webbing that goes from the deflector down to the RID for bracing) and found that it made the whole windscreen move around more than without it!

I stumbled upon the Wunderlich option a few months back but never pursued it I'm all ears on this thread.

I'm interested if any user of this deflector for the 1150 had ever tried the Touratech model and can comment as to whether the Wunderlich is more stable.

Not a hijack Reto.....just more info?????
i dismissed the Touratech model due to that strap and i think it was quite a bit more expensive, too. The screen does move a bit more, but it's nothing bad and nothing i am worried about.
JK Rubi
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