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Originally Posted by Emoto View Post
Thanks for the scans Emoto! Here are some observations of the new Waterhead.

Cam drive remains on the back side of the cylinders. The cam chain still looks like it's driven from an aux shaft below the crank.

Multiplate wet clutch is driven directly off the crank. In the top picture it's the uppermost round area on the back of the case.

The gearbox input shaft is gear driven from the front side of the clutch pack. This allows the gear shafts sit under the clutch pack, not behind it. That saves a lot of overall motor/gearbox length.

Originally Posted by Emoto View Post
I'm thinking that the plain bearing journal below the crank is for a gear-driven-from-the-crank, counter-rotating balance shaft.

There's quite a bit of room around that lower shaft area. Enough room for an Integrated Starter Alternator (ISA).

The hole up top looks like it might be for a crank-driven oil pump, given the direction of the nearby cast-in oil galleys, and the bore plugs.

But it also might be the impeller housing for the water pump. I can't tell if the flanking water ports connect to what may be the impeller area on the crank-driven water pump.


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