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Made some more progress.

I wanted to keep the airbox stock and same location. It has these nubs on the back that would take up valuable shock space so I cut them off and epoxied a piece of aluminum to seal it back up.

I finally decided to whack off the subframe. I'm convinced that what I will make will be stronger and better suited for the bags, exhaust and shock mounting. The problem with the original is that it has too much crap going on, plus with the KTM shock needing a custom mount, the battery needs to be moved and nothing will line up anyways using the factory plastic tray. I tell you its a leap of faith cutting off a perfectly good frame that is factory, works perfectly, aligns with everything. A plunge into the unknown....

I started building it back up. The lower tubes I made slightly shorter than the FZ1 and a little less steep. I'm trying to get a little less seat hight in what will be a very tall bike. I also wanted to slim the seat down a lot. I used 1.25" 0.065" wall DOM tubing for the lowers.

The uppers I bent up from 1" 0.065" wall DOM. I moved the bend point back from the stock to allow a crossbar at the bend. That crossbar will be where I will make up the shock mount. I don't have the shock yet so am holding off on burning that in.

I am taping up what I think I will do for reinforcements to the frame. Since the shock mount has moved back, I want to try and transfer as much load back to the frame as possible. Not sure how shock angle has an effect on the ride. Just looking at a 950, it is def angled more towards the center of the bike.

I can certainly do that, but the stock air box would need to get chopped up.

I could cut the left side of the airbox and glass it back together to get a steeper shock angle but not sure if this is necessary???

Thoughts and comments are appreciated
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