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Please Stop the Hating...

Thanks so much to adding yet one more snarky comment to the 15 already in this thread. I don’t know Bartron and maybe he should have held off in starting this thread until he was ready to start work on the bikes. I’m thinking the fact that 3 of the bikes for the project are 2011 models that his buddies have ordered might be slowing him down in fleshing out this thread—as KTM hasn’t officially released the 2011 Enduros yet (at least according to their web site—I haven’t been talking to a dealer). So maybe we should all cut him some slack. If he follows through with his stated intentions, of fixing all the known problems with the bike and installing some of the more popular farkles, documenting how to do it and putting it all here in this one place—I think it will be a fantastic resource for 690 Enduro owners. The current main thread is 1244 pages of material to wade through to try and glean out the above information.
I’m subscribed to the thread, and I’m sure a bunch of others are as well. So every time I see a new hit in the thread I get excited to see if Bartron has commenced to starting the project, only to be disappointed with having to read one more sarcastic or disparaging comment someone has added. So instead of everyone continuing to criticize the guy because of prematurely initiating the thread—how about just keeping our collective fingers crossed that he eventually delivers as promised? If he does a good job give him a pat on the back, if he doesn’t, well I guess more snarky comments would be in order.
If anyone thinks I’m a dick for writing this, please send me a personal message to crap on me—please don’t further mess up the thread with flames. Likewise if you happen to agree with me--please send me a PM or say nothing. Thanks in advance.

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