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Fort Nelson, BC to Watson Lake, BC

Day 10 June 9, 2010
Mileage Today: 326
Total Trip Mileage: 3,668

We had stayed in a motel last night in Fort Nelson. We woke very well rested and ready to move. There is a huge down side (for me at least) to staying in a Motel. Since you are leaving your bike in a strange parking lot out of your line of sight, you have to take everything off of it and haul it up to your room. Things that you normally wouldn't worry about taking off, because you are tented right next to your bike. Pair this with our complimentary soggy waffle breakfast, and we would be a little late getting on the road.

The weather was great from the start ,

and we are being totally immersed in wonderful scenery as we re-enter the Northern Rockies.

The animals were out enjoying the weather too.

I have read stories of people going all the way to Alaska and never seeing a bear. We had already spotted about 15 by this point.

Getting near the Stone Mt. Provincial Park Area:

and a stop for some fuel and snacks at Toad River.

Heading on towards Watson Lake. These are some of the typical open grating bridges that you will encounter along the way. Just gotta let the bike meander a bit when you get on this stuff.

And then we came to Muncho Lake. The weather for the most part on this trip so far had been very up and down. We were so lucky to have come across this area when the weather was so spectacular. Warm sun and just enough cloud cover to add some depth to the photos.

We met this guy back a bit at Toad River. He was on a DR650 from Minnesota to Alaska. I figured we would run into him the whole rest of the way up, but never saw him again.

Not too much further down the road, we made a stop at the Liard Hot Springs, where we had lunch,

took a stroll,

and I soaked in the hot springs.

It was absolutely wonderful, and the next couple of hours to Watson Lake were probably the hardest of the whole trip. The sun was out, I was full of food, and had just soaked in the hot springs. It was very difficult to stay awake on this long, lonely road .

The Alaska Highway zigs from BC and zags into The Yukon a couple of times before you are in the Yukon for good. We stopped here for our pic in front of the sign. I am going to let you in on a little behind the scenes action. It always takes several attempts before we get the pic right, or that it is so ridiculous that we are happy with it.

Jump on 3...

Wait, that was too late, try again...

Hmmm..... this is no good. Looks like we are shittin' on the sign. Just jump on my back.

You're too slow, pretend that there is a bear about to get you!


We really were just having a great time. It is amazing, the amount of impact weather can have on your mood and outlook.

We quickly found camp in Watson Lake.

Fixed up some dinner ,

and checked out our tire. I am doing a great job of squaring it off, but it is holding up well.

This should get us to Fairbanks.

And then into the tent to upload pictures. It is probably 11pm-12am here. The days are really getting longer!

Tomorrow we exit off the Alaska Highway and take The Klondike up towards Dawson City.


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