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These little guys are crazy fun... "parking lot warriors". My favorite thing to do with this little guy is go out to the large local parking lot that's always empty, drop some of my tennis ball cones and go to town!

Harry - I thought about going up to 100cc, but seeing as she has 2200 original miles, I literally *just* passed Kawi's "break-in" period! Plus, there's a salt flat class at Boneville for under 100cc, stock motor and frame... and I'd really like to do that someday the sprockets are indeed used, but have very low miles and are in very nice shape. Sooner or later she'll get new ones, but I'm gonna kill these first. The baffle has been cleaned, and since she's only got a bit over 2k, the rotary valve is in great shape.

When I was daily driving her she never missed a beat, runs like a top! In fact I started her yesterday for the first time in about 6 months, she fired up on the 2nd kick

Kawi claimed a peak of 10.5 ponies at 8 grand for these 90 SS's. She scoots pretty good!

Mule, that sounds like a kick in the pants! My next project is an exhaust, just not sure how to do it...

I also have this guy, a 75 Kawi MC1M, 90cc (basically the same engine) but 14 and 16" wheels... old school midi bike! Her resto is just getting finished up... and this one IS for sale!



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