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Originally Posted by plonkomaticus View Post
What a project!
You have cojones! (no pix required, thanks)

If you remove the EXUP, just be aware you'll lose low and mid-range power, and you're in for some carburation setup work.

The FZ1 with EXUP + "Ivanization" has superb power characteristics which would enhance dirt road ability

Maybe just talk to him to get his advice... could be real value added to your project.
Looking forward to the next installments

I have read about his jetting magic, seems the guy to go to. For the EXUP, since I would be ditching about 10 lbs between the valve and servo motor plus a lot cleaner look, do you think the tradeoff is justified? Are we talking 5 HP or 30 HP?

If I lose a little, that's fine, I'd rather have the weight savings and I also need to clean up the exhaust. Since I am doing all this mods to exhaust and airbox above, I may weld in a AFR bung and get a wideband tuner to help with jetting. If it runs fine from the go, I'll leave it.

No nut shots coming, have no fear.
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