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Originally Posted by Pcfly View Post
The reality from BMW is simply this.....based on their own words from their own magazine......"the current generation boxer is as evolved as it could be, it will not see another revision. A new water-air cooled boxer is being developed/tested to meet Euro 3 and eventually Euro 5 smog certification."

I say debate all you want, but let the reality set in!

I hear ya, and I am a realist. I know that my view doesn't mean squat to BMW and it looks like in this thread most are supportive of the water boxer. Its just as an individual I really like the bike I have now and don't think water cooling will be that much of a positive to me.

I'm not anti change, I just think that the GS concept originally was simple, practical, go anywhere fix anywhere kind of a motorcycle. That is what attracted me to it. Thats why I say focus on reliability, lower weight and performance without making the bike less reliable. With every electronic farkle and do-dad it moves farther away from that concept. I understand why, they have to sell motorcycles and many of the GS's that are sold never see the dirt or travel long distances so many owners don't care. This isn't a BMW thing, how many great cars have you seen over the years go from great to benign because they keep bloating them with luxury items, more room etc. (Datsun 240 Z is a good example, though Nissan came back to the cars roots with the 350Z and even more so with the 370Z, which I drive)

I'm not riding around the world, but I ride off-road and I take longer trips. If something goes wrong I want to be able to fix it myself if at all possible.

This change will happen, I understand that, but right now I plan on upgrading to the last non-wet boxer thats made. That might be a while though as I love my Adventure.
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