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Ok a little update- looks like I've got a job which will delay the TAT for about a month, which isn't so bad as the high passes in CO, stand a better chance of being clear. If that happens then there's a possibility to continue past NM.

I had purchased TAT maps TN to NM a year or two ago and put all the coordinates into the Zumo 550 GPS. It sure takes some time!!! I have the tracks saved on a 512mb scan disc. Monday the rest of the maps were ordered, all but Utah came in on Thursday, Sam is having the roll charts redone in color!!! Nevada hasn't been changed over. I'm waiting on the updated color Utah version. So far the GPS coordinates on the roll chart are dead on, except for a couple. The PRECUT color roll charts are 10 times better than the others previously supplied, which had to be cut to width.

It took me about 3-4 hours to input Colorado coordinates. Then connect the dots for a route. Sometimes points had to be added to keep the GPS routing correctly. As it might take a different route than intended. I'll also save the routes to the netbook for an on road backup.

The tubes currently on the bike were standard (i.e. thin) tubes. So to lessen the chance of having any flats front and rear inter-tubes were switched out for heavy duty ones. The front Michelin tube is 4mm thick and the rear was swapped for a 3mm thick IRC. Then ballance the tires w/ the Marc Parnes wheel balancer.

So stay tuned for the prep work for the TAT. It might take a while but the preparation may be useful.
How many A4 pages of instructions are there per days riding. I just got a small Touratech routesheet holder for a local ride and later for the TAT. I just squeezed 8 A4 pages (cut into 3 strips) into it. Not sure if thats enough for the TAT ?
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