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Originally Posted by John Fry View Post
Hope Ben doesn't mind me grabbing this one.

... I never use the 14day so I don't know the amount of time off needed to switch.
Not at all, John. And I can add that the amount of time off for a 'reset' is 72 hrs.

Originally Posted by karhaulr
I have a logistical question..... all the product you drivers haul on the ice is sitting in town. Sooooo, is it brought to town in a 'just in time' delivery, or is the product delivered there weeks or months in advance, and sits waiting for you to haul it?
Over several months then stored in various quarries and laydowns around the YK area.

Originally Posted by karhaulr
I would think with winter and bad weather, it would be a son of a gun getting it up there all at once. On the other side of the coin, it would cost a ton of money to stock pile all the mines needs for months at a time.
Please enlighten me so I can get some sleep....
Yeah I bet it ain't cheap to store all that stuff, but the mines ain't exactly hurtin'!

Now go to bed!

Originally Posted by karhaulr
Would it be possible ice/weight wise, to run something like an Australian roadtrain not just a super B?????

I need to get a life!
Well, that's one for the engineers to answer, but I don't see why not....

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