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Short answer: the only thing a stock DR650 needs to be a good street bike is a better seat.

Long answer: I bought my DR to replace a vintage Yamaha DT250 as my dual sport bike. On the ride home from the dealer, I was so impressed with the DR's street performance that I ordered a Corbin for it. Once the seat arrived, I took the tailbag off my WeeStrom, put it on the DR, and took off for a Blue Ridge Parkway tour. It handled that ride so well that I sold my Wee when I got back. Now my DR is both my dual sport bike and my street bike of preference. I have also added heated grips which let me ride the bike in the winter comfortably. I've also made a number of modifications for off-road performance, but none of these are needed to make the DR a good street bike.

I don't like windshields so that is not an issue. I find the OEM Trailwings to be an excellent 50/50 tire, I can go asphalt dancing all day in the twisties, and still ride all the dirt I want (just no mud). The Wee had a better engine but nothing else about the Wee was as good for me as the DR. I have really enjoyed this bike and it is as close to a do-it-all motorcycle as I have ever owned in my 38 years of riding.
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