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Originally Posted by EmmettC View Post
I hope this thread is still being used.

I had my bike run on a dyno the other day, it's got a remus exhaust system and an Arrow can. It's making 82.51 HP.

The guy who runs the tuning shop (in Edinburgh) reckons it running very rich at full throttle, and very lean while cruising. I've ordered a PC so he can tidy up the fueling, I'm not looking for more power, I just want it to run well.

I'm a little worried about the fuel consumption increasing, as the tank is soooo small it really needs to be very frugal to be any use.

I'll update once the tuning work has been done. hopefully more torque, the same or better fuel consumtion, and If there's more power too, I won't complain.
You might wan`t to look into Dynojets autotune box along with the PC. It will allow you and your bike to tune outside the dyno....and makes for a awesome user friendly package, that you can work yourself.

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