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Day 2: ~40 miles

Didn't have any epic plans for saturday. Just wanted to poke around near Lookout City area because i'd never been there before. Wasn't expecting a long ride so no need for an early start. Only four in our little group... myself, rfmorris, windrat, and trailtrick. Apparently windrat had done most of the same stuff the previous day, but was up for seeing it all again. I've never actually ridden with windrat before, though we've crossed paths several times before... somehow always with a bottle of tequila involved.

Gettin ready to roll.

Climbing the gravel-sand wash up into the Argus Range.

Osborne Cabin, our first stop of the day.

Very clean and tidy inside and out.

Make yourself at home.

We were being watched the whole time we were there.

A truck pulled up with a cooler full of Mickeys. They must've known I would be there

Local geology.

Back down the canyon and heading south.

Planning the next move. It was about here that trailtrick split off and set his sights on Pleasant and South Park.

Starting up towards Lookout City.

Check out that folded rock

Rockin' good time.

I took the side canyon up to Defense Mine. Oooof! Super tough climb. One of the very rare times when I could've used a lower first gear.

Some jeepers told me you could go in one tunnel, follow the signs thru, and come out at another spot. Hmmmm... Maybe next time.

Didn't figure rfmorris or windrat would try comming all the way up on their heavier 690s, so I tiptoed back down.
Saw morris about halfway up, gettin turned around...

... and windrat waiting patiently at the bottom.

The switchback over there will take us up to Lookout City.

The road is surprisingly nice up on the ridgeline. View is even better!

Local foliage.

Lookout City, or whats left of it. Living up here must've been... different.

windrat and morris hung out a bit checking cell phone reception (I think there was none), but I had different plans
There is supposedly another way down the mountain. If successful, we would meet at Minnietta Cabin down below.

Ah... there it is.

No turnin back now

... but what a view!

A nameless cabin sits at the end of the two-track in Thompson Canyon.

Emergency shelter if you need it, but I wouldn't really trust the roof.

She waits

That must've been one uncomfortable ride... no wheels, no chain, no seat

this outcrop just above Minietta was tunneled like swiss cheese.

Rode right in and took a look around. The cool breeze blowing thru felt like air conditioning.

On down to Minnietta Cabin to regroup with morris and windrat.

The guys we met over at Osborne were staying for several days. Totally set up!

Super nice guys. We must've hung out for at least a couple hours, drinking brews and staring at the view.
I think we each also earned a degree in geology

Time to move on...
The cabin boys suggested we might get cell reception partway down Minnietta Road, so we went to check it out. No luck, but we did find a tight sand wash that took us back up to Nadeau Road.

This was a blast

One of the funnest sections of the weekend.

Heading north, back to PSR.

Thanks for the 'do-over' windrat

Back at camp and the FF's are eagerly thumbing their raffle tickets...

... while h8chains was glowing with all the attention.

Spent the end of the day digesting a fantastic dinner around DSM8's dryer fire.

(Was that a few too many pics?)

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