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Backfiring through exhaust

Two or three posters yesterday asked about DRís backfiring, probably on deceleration. Didnít see an answer, so hereís mine.

Most street bikes with carburetors have a decal circuit built into the carb to meter in a bit of fuel on closed throttle, to prevent or greatly reduce backfiring on deceleration. My KLR has this, as has every pure street bike Iíve owned. The simpler DR carb does not have this circuit, hence you will be hearing more backfiring than other bikes you may own or have owned.

This is not a problem, rather it is simply a characteristic.


P.S. As an aside, the rubber diaphragm in the decel circuit of my KLR has a tear in it, and so my KLR now backfires almost as much as my DR.
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