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Thanks guys, but you might want to hold off on the compliments until it's done. Lots of people take stuff apart and start these kind of projects. Hell, it's taken me over two years just to get to this point. Guess we'll see if I can finish this one in any kind of respectful fashion.

Next thing I need to do is figure out exactly where the engine needs to sit (side-to-side) because it affects how/where I have to clearance the frame. So I spent a few minutes taking some measurements and it looks like the distance from the centerline of the engine cases to the centerline of the front sprocket is within 1/16" from the centerline of the rear hub/swingarm to the centerline of the rear sprocket. So that means I can just mount the engine dead-center in the chassis from side-to-side. Not a big deal, but makes it a bit easier to locate and design/build engine mounts, etc.
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