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Originally Posted by boxerboy81 View Post
The one on the left is the 29 yo original. The right is brand spanking!

The question.

Will removing that middle piece from the headlight allow it to be brighter? No it doesn't make it brighter but it makes it easier for you and oncomming traffic to see where you're going.

What is it's function? It obviously reflects the light from the bulb, onto the surrounds, so my guess it's to allow an even spread? Does it make it brighter?
It prevents light shinning straight our through the lense ensuring the larger proportion of the light that does exit has been reflected from the parabolic surface of the reflector and reaches the lense at "normal" and approximately parallel with the rest of the light. The lense can then do its thing more efficiently shapping the beam putting light whare you want it.

No, I don't want to experiment with these bits, as the results would be split and subjective.

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