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Pics of all colored decals.

I finally managed to find the time to try all the different colored decal kits on the bike today.
I will do a bit of photoshop work in coming days to (attempt to) turn my bike into a U.S spec blue and black jobby to give more of an idea what they will look like.
I put aside three full set's of the red, black, and yellow kits for our mate Bundu's silver bike in SithIfrika (+ a spare set for a friend) so once he gets them we will all get a chance to see the different color combo's on the silver bike.
I am still trying to locate a Raven bike to get pics as soon as possible, so anyone who has one and would like to put their hand up send me an e-mail..

On with the pics.

Red on the Blue/silver bike????????????? Not my cup of tea but some may like it... Would look wild on the Raven or Silver, or White bikes

Yellow...? - I prefer this over the Red on my bike but again, I think it will look great on the Raven and Silver bikes,,, Maybe even the White.

You have all seen the Black but I will show them again in the spirit of competition. Note: These are the early prototype decals and have changed slightly now in production... It's really only the thickness of the vertical lines that have changed + a lot more solid black ink.

I firmly believe that this is the universal color for just about all bikes, except perhaps the Raven... But then again???

But WAIT - Along came Silver out of no where....
Maybe we have a contender for the ever universal Black decals???
This is actually a metalic Silver base vinyl that is nearly the exact color of the side panels.
Should look the goods on anything, except perhaps the Silver bike... But then again???

Check out all the casualties of this dress-up session on the door

In closing - One porn shot wallpaper of the bike in it's natural environment.

Thanks for checking in. Hope you got something out of it.

P.S - Decals can be got on line at the website - Specifically:


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