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Day one! On the Road!

Ahoy! Day one is underway, and we have reached Eugene Oregon! We are staying at Tomís Dadís friend Tomís house. Thatís right, there are two Tomís today. We left this morning from my parentís house at 7:10. Tom was nice enough to wait on me. I was running late. Why? Because I stayed up until 3am packing, and taking care of business. Did we cover all the bases? Most likely. Weíll see how it goes! If you can fix it, donít worry. If you canít fix it. Donít worry.
Taking off! Weíre on our way! Tom is in Orange. I am Dark Green.

Onward! Time to get fuel. Haha. We were already low on fuel, and Tom had to pull over on the side of the highway in the first 10 miles. Why? His bike sputtered out and he couldnít switch to reserve fast enough. Luckily, weíre both have a Sena SMH10 Bluetooth communication devices. They are good for nearly 1000 yards, and work great. They are also the most weatherproof that we could find. We got a complete dual pack for a great deal from Rocket Moto in the vendor section. Check them out! Tom simply let me know he was on the side of the highway. I pulled over, and he caught up, and we rolled along. Awesome.
First fuel stop,

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn it. The first 180 miles was nothing but rain. The headsets held up well, and are still in great shape. Weíre wearing Revíit Cayenne Pro Jacketís and pants. They zip together, and are WATERPROOF. AWESOME. Tomís wearing a pair of leather, waterproof work boots, and I have a pair of Alpinestar Web Goretex Boots. Weíre getting along pretty well.
First pit stop, damn rain was so dense it was like driving through fog at times. Pretty gnarly.

Being able to talk to each other is great. We can make plans on the fly, stop for fuel at good any time. Weíll around 11:30 we were getting hungry, and we needed fuel. Vancouver, Washington was a good spot. We made it 180 miles before Tom ran to his reserve while on the fly, and we averaged 42mpg at 65-70mph the whole way, fully loaded. Not bad in our opinions.
Time for food,

Well, after food, we made plans to stop in Eugene for the day. 300 miles in total. Itís been good so far. Weíll Tomís Dadís friend Tom brew beer for a hobby. So we had some beer!
Time for Beer,

Meet Tom and Tom,

Tomís gnarly ĎStasche

Time for Food!

Itís been a good day one for us. Weíre enjoying our time on the road despite the crappy weather; weíre having a great time! Chalk 1 up for day one! Awesome!
Tomorrow weíd like to ride about 5 hours. That would put us in Redding California. Can you hear that C THRU U? Weíd love to take you up on that offer for a place to crash.
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