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Took a ride thru Red Rocks yesterday, passed Devils Gate...

With Katherine on the back. I was testing the new fork step up (15w in the left compression leg, 10w in the right rebound leg), & the pivot pegs. I need to get this right before a trip with Mandy.

The bike is definitely firmer in front, with less brake dive, & seemingly a better match with the rear shock damping. However I did find the forks to be a little harsh (less compliant) on small road irregularities. I may drain the left compression leg & go down to a 50/50 mix of 15w & 10w to get 12.5w.

The pivot pegs are a big step up from the stock pegs. However they do grab the boot sole (sometimes at inopportune times - I'm used to the grip levels of the stock one), & the gear change lever likely need to be adjusted up. I found a couple of time where I was tangled in the footpeg / shift lever. Not helped by the pivoting nature of the peg, where they self centre. Getting a bit more height in the seat would also help, so that my legs & therefore feet are less bent / squarer.

We did alright on a trip out to Red Rocks. Katherine liked it - said it was fun - and she wasn't even embarrassed to be seen out with her father by her friends! She coped with me standing on the pegs, though she complained she couldn't see round me & didn't know when the big hits were coming. She survived the BIG accidental wheel stand off one road corrugation. All in all the ride was a success.

Still haven't got the bike carburetting 100%. A work in progress. I went for another ride to Red Rocks in the afternoon, & got it a bit closer.

Noticed when I cleaned the bike that the front wheel has play in it at 12.00 & 6.00 O'Clock - needs new bearings. I had heard the brakes 'skimming' when cornering. The disc side in particular is the one with movement. The bearings were Nachi 6005 NSE (?), 25x47x12mm. Looks like you can also use SKF 6005 2RSH. ADVrider (Post 18 - thanks Dat) to the rescue for removal & installation. Infra's had a go at it.

05/04/11 - I've now replaced them. Heated the hub with a gas torch till the hub was hot to touch on the outer rim. Then punched the old bearing out. This is a little difficult to do because there is an internal spacer between the bearings in the hub, & this allows just enough room to get the tip of a punch on a bearing shoulder, but no more. Once the bearing was out, I removed the spacer, then did the same on the other side. Cleaned the hub inner out, heated again, & dropped one bearing in. Tapped that into place with a large socket. You can hear when it seats. Turned the wheel over, dropped in the wheel spacer, heated the hub again & dropped the other bearing in.

You can see the shoulder that the bearing seats on in the left photo.

The photo on the right shows the bearings after the seals have been flicked off. The left was the one showing play, & rumbling. I've busted out part of the cage, but you can see the state of the grease compared to the right. Even the grease on the right bearing was getting cheesy.

The new bearings feel a bit sparse on grease. Next one I might pack them myself. Warewolf discussed this in a thread a while ago. Whilst they are 'sealed for life', and have 'sufficient' grease to do the job, extra grease likely won't hurt, & may keep the water out. Otherwise I'll just treat them as consumables, & change every 10,000 kms or so, given the sort of riding I do.
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