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Tres Amigos y Puppy Porno

I heard it was fun to go riding in baja, so we decided to go. Bikes prepped, loaded and away we go. Ryman, Erock, and Hick........Tres Amigos.

Day 00. We drive to Vegas and meet up with hick. We spend the night in a dive hotel on the strip. Slot machines, shit buffet, waitresses with big fake boobs, typical "I'm stuck in hell" activities. No pics.

Day 0. We drive to Tecate and we're surprised by the wicked cool mountains we are traveling through. Very green.....nice.....chill. We cross the border and it is very easy. No passports. The Mexican border guard politely asks to see the registration for the "orange bike" .

For me, the sense of chill we were in immediately turns to a mind full of paranoia. A new place, new people, new culture. Is everyone looking at us? Is it safe to park here? My sense of awareness is off the charts. Chaos ensues. Traffic rules disappear.

I get into the traffic game and we head to rancho OJAI where we are to leave the pickup while we ride. Dark clouds are pushing down on us and it is starting to rain. WTF...I thought this place was supposed to be a desert. We load the bikes and try to prepare for the adventure ahead.

We ride through the rain for an hour or so. Toll road. Mexican twisties. Dry lake bed. The bad weather disappears and the sky is blue. Let's ride bitches!

I forget my paranoid self absorption and we start to play. We're in the desert now and I feel at home.

Lots of open space. We race around on the lake and generally head south.

Life is good.

More to come. I have lots of great pics and fun stories to tell. I'm sure hick will chime in with some more.
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