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There you are, Dave! Wondering where you went.

Sorry about the interuption. Had a minor boiler issue here today. No heat or hot water. I tried to explain that many families in Costa Rica live that way every day. Guess how that ended?

Anyhoo...we're on the way to San Jose...

You knew that was coming. Couldn't think of her name to save my life last week. And, yes, I know they mean SJ, California.


We manage a few hands of cribbage...


A quick layover in Orlando...

Yeah. I know. But I like it.

Something to hold us over 'til dinnah.

...and we're back in the air...

A couple ours later we begin to break through the clouds and can see the ground. A little closer and we start to see roads. Beautiful dirt roads. Many along the ridges of the mountains.

Dood sitting by the window snaps a shot or two for me. Manages to capture some of the roads.


It takes forever to land as we're now pretty stoked.

None of these people realize just how big of a tear we are suddenly in.

Off the plane ...

...we we head over to deal with Customs.

Oh, good.

All these people headed there, too - declaration forms in hand.

We finally get up to the window and the dood sez in very clear English, "Pen." He then points us off to the side lines where we get to refill out that form we did on the plane with the only writing implement I had - a pencil.

Over in 'wrong Customs paperwork Purgatory' we learn that there is only one ballpoint pen in Costa Rica.

After a quick "Where's my freaking passport?!?!" self pat down by Dave, we agree to lend it out but only if they promise to return it to the "...guy over there..."

Luckily, Dave's passport in in the very capable hands of our Customs guy which gives us a fine excuse not to wait in that long line once again.

Finally, successfully through the guantlet, we collect our bags and make our way to the money exchangers for our first raking over. Someone in another Costa Rica RR posted never exchange more than $20 at the airport. A little late for us but he may be on to something. In the grand scheme of things it wasn't really that big a deal.

So, let's review. Bring a pen and don't exchange more than you need for the cab at the airport. There will be a quiz at the end.

Did I mention we were in sunny Costa Rica?

We make our way over to Wild Rider...



Another tip that Dave was hip to: tell the driver to take you to KFC yes, the Colonel's place (only here it sounds like 'KFFC' - at least it does to me.) Wild Rider is right near it. More than likely the driver will have never heard of Wild Rider. The people running the hotel across the street didn't even know about it.

With a street festival in full swing the streets were closed so we got booted out a few blocks away. Imagine my excitement when kicked to the curb in 90 heat with more shxt than a Christmas goose in tow.

Lesson learned.

We make our way up the street carefully avoiding the missing manhole.


Not to fear. It wasn't that far and we were itching to ride!

Once there, Morten greets us and gets the process started. We also pick his brain about some of the routes we've planned.


After some doing we finally have the bikes loaded and are ready to roll.


Let's ride!
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