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Totally gripped

So I am not the brightest guy out there. Rather than take a newer bike I knew well (my 950 SE), I opted to take a beat up old XR650 R. Did I mention that I had never even thrown a leg over this bike until we were in Baja? Did I mention that I have never owned a 4-stroke kicker? In my mind, the XR had been whipping the competition in Baja for years, so that was good enough for me!

The first hour of the ride on that bike was through a freezing rain in a foreign country. I was pretty gripped imagining all the things that could go wrong with an untested bike.

We rode one of the most amazing slab of twisties I have ever ridden to Laguna Salida, the temperature rose, the sun came out, and I think all of us were like an ice puddle in the sun...relaxing.

We rode until dusk, then camped in a dumpyard with a murder of vultures watching us from the treetops. Dinner consisted of a handful of trailmix. Breakfast was another handful of trailmix...and a shot of 5 Hour Energy!
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