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The first lower hotel was built in 1871.

Other events were happening in 1871 that would prove to benefit Blount Springs in a huge way.

While the first hotel was being constructed, John T Milner was appointed Chief of Construction over the North and South Railroad. Colonel J.F.B. Jackson was the construction engineer. He was a landowner with property at Blount Springs. L&N (Louisville and Nashville) took over the North and South railroad the same year.

The L&N was notorious for shady land deals. It earned the name the Long and Nasty.

The railroad project was completed in 1872, and the final spike was actually driven -- yep, you guessed it -- right here in Blount Springs, adjacent to Colonel J.F.B. Jackson's property. -Imagine that-

In the late 1800s and early 1900s if you had the railroad, you had the world at your fingertips.

In 1878 Colonel J.F.B. Jackson built an all new incredible hotel and spa here replacing the original smaller hotel.

It was called the New Jackson House and was designed after the spas in Europe. The new hotel was strategically placed right along the new railroad.

With dancing all night in the grand ballroom, elegant china, imported wallpaper, the socially elite frequented the hotel. Opulence was the description given by many reporters of the era.

Improvements to the grounds and hotel continued. The grounds were terraced in the late 1880’s.

The walls still stand strong today.

The employees lived in small cabins scattered throughout Blount Springs.

I can still smell the food coming from the kitchen.

More later.

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