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Originally Posted by mkletecka View Post
What I do find comforting (based on the recent comparo from Fast Bikes) is that the current 2011 GSA, which is basically a 5+ old design, but with HP2 heads bested the latest/greatest offerings from Ducati and YAM (both have more power/water cooled). Fast Bikes even went further and said that if it was a 2009 GS, the results would still be the same, wow!
C'mon, that Fastbikes comparo was a joke - as are most of the tests coming out of Brit rags of its ilk (Bike etc.) They never took the bikes off road at all, yet were of the opinion that the GS was the best off-road. Give me a break...

They also mention a bunch of "niggles" about the Super Tenere that no other testers - or owners - have. bad seat? poor fuel economy? excessive oil consumption? No owner has mentioned these as issues in the year the S10 has been available - in fact they've said the opposite.

True it's overpriced in the UK (though not by as much as the FB boys reckon) but I think it compares very favourably with the GS in the US market.

Super Tenere news and reviews
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