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Originally Posted by slowoldguy View Post
Yup. Cliffnotes version.

"I sent a check for a product set up to be paid through paypal by everybody else. I thought I had a deal where this was cool. I apparently didn't. He sent my check back. He sucks. I am some kinda pissed. "
Howdy slowoldguy,

Yes, I think you pretty well described the situation. The only thing I can add is that if I make a deal with someone, ITS A DONE DEAL, Poolside AGREED to take my check, I AGREED to his terms of sale, he reneged on the deal, yes I am kinda pissed.

I guess I am one of those folks who feel that their word is their bond and it disappoints me when stuff like this happens. In my way of looking at things a persons word and how they stand behind it is important and worthy of consideration in all things to include business deals.
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