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Originally Posted by slowoldguy View Post
I do understand your disappointment. Hell, I may send ya mine if this don't get worked out.

I don't know pooside or johnjen from Adam's off-ox but this I do know....

1) ain't nobody dumb enough to fuck 113 Adv'ers for what? $2K? $5K?

2) Some of these 113 folks are from Texas and that wouldn't be smart. There might be an Okie or Arkansan or Hell, or worse yet some ol boy from South Lousiana and, if so, the authorities won't find anything big enough for their mommas to ID.

3) If you were gonna steal or scam you wouldn't limit participation.

4) If you were gonna steal or scam both this product and the more expensive second product would have been available for purchase.

So, ding them for what you consider poor communication and fuckin' with you on your personal deal ....but don't suggest the whole damn thing is crooked. That don't make good sense.
Hahaha a lynch mob made up of 113 ADV inmates on GSs!
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