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We rode until dusk and then pulled into some weeds to lay down and rest. In the weeds we find a dump. Old car parts, old moto parts, old baby seats......Garbage. Whatever. We lay down and sleep. During the night hick gets up to pee and it seems like a good idea, so I get up to do the same. I can tell he still has is earplugs in because he doesn't sense me standing twenty feet away. I let out a long loud howl like a coyote, and I see hick in the starlight totally removed from his skin.

Hick: Damn dude! You scared the shit outta me!
Me: (Evil Laugh) He He He.

Hick goes back to bed and I lay on my back and swim in the milky way. I cannot sleep. After all, as soon as the sun comes up we get to ride! I notice Erock is not sleeping either, so we talk until the horizon starts to change color.

Life is good.
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